The Fundacion Carpio Perez is an independent, non-governmental (NGO) non-profit organization, working in Tanzania since the year 2009 through their Tanzanian counterpart Eretore Association . It is carrying out projects such as income generating activities, health and education so that the disadvantaged Maasai widows, their sons and daughters and all the Maasai community of the villages Arkaria, Lendikinya and Eluwai can overcome extreme poverty.

Projects. Eretore School
An opportunity for change, progress and development for a hundred Massai children, their families and the Massai community

It takes very little to make a big difference to the lives of Massai widows and their children

Support a child
You’ll give them an education from the Eretore school, their daily meal, a school uniform and learning material. You’ll give them a future away from extreme poverty!

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