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La Masai Blanca

From tradition, a future!

La Masai Blanca started at the end of 2014, selling craft products made in their totallity by more than 100 Maasai widows who live in three villages in the north of Tanzania.

This project allows the strengthening of the widows economic and social situation, through better access to education, health services, business development and promotion of gender equality, human and cultural rights.

The women can have a sustainable income and allows them to constantly improve their abilities.

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What can you buy?
Bracelets and bangles
Coasters, place mats and pencil holders

All our products are authentic and made by hand by the women working on the project.  They receive 50% of the selling price and the other 50% is destined to support other projects.

How can you buy them?
Very easy, download the catalogue, make a list of the products and their reference and send us an email to:

We will get in touch to complete the payment and send you the items.

Do not wait any longer, download the catalogue!


We are developing a digital catalogue.  Soon you will be able to place your order on-line!