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1.What is Fundacion Carpio Perez?
We are an independent, non governmental, non-profit organisation. We improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged rural Maasai communities, through projects to provide quality education, income generating activities for women and basic health care.

2. How do we work?
We work with our Tanzanian counterpart Eretore Association who understand local problems.  We give them support to help with the development and operation of practical and sustainable projects to satisfy real needs of the community.

3.Where do we work?
We work in Tanzania through our Tanzanian counterpart Eretore Association, one of the poorest countries in the world, in Maasai villages in the Monduli district of the region of Arusha.

4. Why do we work in this area?
*Tanzania is a nation at the lower end of the Human Development Index (United Nations Program for Human Development).
*There is a high percentage of the population that lacks resources to satisfy the most basic human needs.
*The government has a positive attitude towards international NGOs.
*There are local organisations with which we can collaborate to achieve sustainable development.
*Security situation in the country is stable and it is posible to achieve long term development and establish structures for
community action.

5. There are other countries with similar needs. Why not work there?
We are a very small organisation and have limited resources, for that reason unfortunately we cannot reach out to all that need help. We prefer to make a significant and lasting contribution focusing on just one area.

6. With which organisations do we work?
In Tanzania we are collaborating through  the local NGO Eretore Association.

7. What are you going to do with my money?
We understand the concerns that some potential donors have about how is the money spent in each project, so we are commited to keep all our donors informed regularly through a newletter and email to be able to assure them that their donations have been wisely invested and with adequate following. One of the founder members lives on site so that money is allocated to the local counterpart directly without intermediaries and with complete transparency.

8. Where does the money come from?
Our funds come from a variety of sources which helps us to minimise the risk to depend from scarce financial sources.
In summary: private donations, donations from international organisations, fund raising events, grants and similar.

9. How many paid staff do you have? Do you have volunteers?
At this moment in time none of our staff are being paid and we are using all our resources exclusively for the projects we support.
In the future we are hoping to be able to offer a basic salary, that is our aim.

10. What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?
We are obliged by the Beneficence Law 1992 to ensure that your donation is destined to the purpose for which it was requested, unless it is clearly stated to the contrary.  100% of your donation will be destined to the cause and all donors will be informed regularly through our newsletters.