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With your help we could reduce poverty and exclusion that the Maasai widows and their children suffer.

Through our Volunteers program, we seek the exchange of experiences with people from around the world.  People of all ages, countries, levels of income and abilities can be volunteers.

Volunteers can choose their activities according with our programs and their interests, experiences and capacity.

Volunteering can be in Tanzania working in the field or from your own cities in awareness projects.

The experience of the many persons, nurses, doctors, teachers, psychologists, architects or simply people who want to help in whatever was required, that have selflessly come to work in our projects, is extremely positive.  Not just for them but also for the Maasai community with which we work: widows and their children.

In the same way, awareness and fund raising projects from other cities have brought about the great satisfaction of seeing that their effort has resulted in a substantial improvement of the quality of life of many disadvantaged people.

To all of them: THANK YOU!
If you want to volunteer, please contact us at: info@fundacioncarpioperez.org

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