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The uniforms have arrived

The uniforms have arrived

16 Septiembre 2015 -
All help is very welcome and in this occasion we have to thank the fact that there are people who help us with no other interest than helping and giving a bit of solidarity to others.

We want to use this post to thank the parents from the Colegio Europeo de Madrid and the Escuela Infantil Bebín (with special mention to the help of Ana Marsá and Olivia Baena) for the track suits they have donated for the Eretore School. Thanks to them our students will have sweat shirts, trousers and tshirts that are part of the uniform they receive when at the start of the course.  Our students will continue to paint the landscape green around Arkaria.

We are very interested in showing you that all help arrives and absolutely all of it is very important for us.  In this case the track suits (more than 50 kilos of classified clothes) have arrived through volunteers that flew to Tanzania Saturday 12th September past.

Thank you to those who have made possible this logistics chain between Spain and Tanzania.

We have received also very good news.  Soon our children will also have new sandals for the coming rainy season.

But we will tell you about that shortly in another post.

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  • María el 17 Septiembre 2015 dice
    To see Arkaria painted green with the uniforms of the children from Shule Ya Eretore is one of the most beautiful sights that you can see....When you see in the distance the little green dots coming down the roads that lead to the school, you know that soon these lovely children smiles will turn up in the classrooms as they do every day!!!! Thank you to you all that make possible that these lovely smiles grace this fantastic school.
  • Maria el 17 Septiembre 2015 dice
    It is unbelievable to see this told and with pictures, makes your day happier to see these little people all dressed the same....
  • SARA el 17 Septiembre 2015 dice
    Thanks Trip-Drop for putting us in contact with the travellers who took it all in their suitcases.

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