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Rain water storage tanks

Rain water storage tanks

We work with the Maasai community in order to provide a supply of safe clean water.

Through the installation of tanks to collect rain water attached to the maasai houses, we offer access to clean drinking water to more than 9000 people in the Maasai villages of Arkaria, Eluwai and Lendikinya.

The water is collected in PVC tanks of 2500 or 5000 litres of capacity. 

Also, this reduces the need of the women to go daily to ponds that are about 7Km away and bring 20lt on their backs.

This water is used for drinking and cooking, washing clothes and personal hygiene. 

This system is useful because there are 2 rainy seasons, a short one in November and a long one between March and May.  During  these months and in a couple of months in the dry season family members will have clean water made drinkable using special tablets.
We need to instal 100 tanks of 2.500lt in the villages.
Directly: 100 families from the villages of Arkaria, Eluwai and Lendikinya
Indirectly: All the Maasai Community.
One tank of 2500lt costs 250,000 tanzanian shillings (125 Euros). 12.500 € for 100 tanks.

Total: 12.500 €
State: Open
Term: Year 2015