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Sponsor a student (15€ to 30 € /month) or a teacher (50 € to 240 €/month) apadrina 3apadrina alumno 2apadrina alumno 3apadrina alumno1apadrina profesor 1apadrina profesor 2

Sponsor a student (15€ to 30 € /month) or a teacher (50 € to 240 €/month)

Sponsor a student from Eretore School to help with education, daily food, vaccination and medical care, educational materials and uniform. You are giving a child a future!

One of our greatest frustrations is not to be able afford to have more students at the School.  With your help we could achieve that one more of the children from the villages of Arkaria and Lendikinya, sons or daughters of Maasai widows,  could attend the Eretore School, which is unique in the area and where they receive, in the mayority of cases their only daily meal.

Any help is gratefully received, with a monthly donation, whatever you can afford, from 10 € to 1000 € a month we could achieve a lot for them.

In exchange you will have the satisfaction of helping a Maasai child out of extreme poverty through education, contributing to daily feeding, vaccination and medical care, educational materials, uniform, etc.  You will get to know the student and will receive periodically, information about progress at school.

Also we need to employ teachers to attend to those students that finally, can now continue with their primary education. Sponsor a teacher and your contribution will multiply to help many families!

After much effort and work in the last few years, we have achieved that the Eretore School for children of Maasai widows, can now provide the first 2 years of primary education.

To see them go after the pre-school stage is very hard, because we know that for 80% of them it is the end of their education.

At present, due to the contribution of many people, we have been able to build 4 of the 7 classrooms that we need for our students from Eretore School to continue their studies into primary education.

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Now we need to employ primary school teachers to be able to teach the students.  The salary of a primary school teacher is 240 € / mes. A new challenge that we need to face.

Any contribution to help the work of the Foundation is gratefully received. Thank you for helping us to help!

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Thanks to contributions like this, we can afford challenges as important and necessary as improving living conditions of hundreds of very disadvantaged people. Thank you.

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