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Achieved! Scholarship for a Law student

Achieved! Scholarship for a Law student

Being able to defend the rights of the maasai people, is essential to achieve a better future for the maasai widows, their children and all the community.

Mibaku, 27 years old, started in 2013 his studies of Law in the University in Makumira-Arusha and will finish in 2018.  A maasai orphan himself, he knows first hand the problems of this community, specially the widows and their children.  His dream was to be able to continue his higher education in order to defend the rights of his tribe and in particular of the maasai women.

From the begining of his studies, he has received several awards for being the best student at his faculty.
To be able to work for the rights of the maasai people and defend his tribe against the problems they face.
Provide legal training in the Eretore School classrooms to all the community, illiterate in their majority to help them avoid loosing more of their lands and rights.
Directly: one man who will have access to the work market and his large family.
Indirectly: 10,000 people from Arkaria, Eluwai and Lendikinya villages.
The cost of this scholarship is of 1,200 euros per year to cover university fees and daily transport to university.

Total: 1.200 €  
State: Closed
Achieved! Thank you very much to everybody who contributed to the completion and success of this project.