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Achieved! Solar panels to charge mobile phones. Baterias_2

Achieved! Solar panels to charge mobile phones.

Charging mobile phones at a reasonable price is a source of income for the widows.

The Maasai may not have enough money to feed themselves sometimes but they have mobile phones.  In their Boma ( name given to their traditional huts), there is no electricity so they have to walk long distances to reach the nearest place with electrical supply or a generator to charge their phones for which they have to pay.

By distributing 15 watts solar panels we have provided the Maasai widows with an income generating activity.  They offer to charge mobile phones at a reasonable price, 500 Tanzanian shillings ( 10 cents of a dolar) and they can avoid these long walks.

Also, each solar panel has 2 LED light bulbs that provide them with some lighting at night.
Provide solar panels to 3 families from a different village,  Arkaria, Eluwai and Lendikinya.
Directly: 3 maasai families.
Indirectly: all the Maasai community.
The cost of a solar panel, battery and adaptors for mobile phones is 95 euros.

Total: 285 €  
State: Closed
Term: March 2013
They are generating an income of about 2500 Tanzanian shillings per day (1 euro) so that they can feed their families.

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the success of this project!