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Mission, Vision and Values Premio Cruz Roja

Mission, Vision and Values

The Carpio-Pérez Foundation develops its work in Tanzania since the end of the year 2009. From the beginning, we focus our efforts on the needs of widows and children, the most disadvantaged of the Tanzanian society.

Therefore, we launched various projects to support the Maasai culture focused on two very disadvantaged population groups: the maasai widows and their children.

Ensure that the children and disadvantaged adults have a dignified life, filled with hope and purpose.

It is a world where everyone has access to education, sanitation and access to water, improvement of living standards in the poorest rural and urban areas, economic and social development through activities that generate income and raise awareness locally and internationally to facilitate and improve civic education.

Our values serve as a compass for our actions: justice, respect, equality, integrity, courage, passion, collaboration and transparency

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