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Today I had a dream... I dreamed that we were all well, happy, in a dream of a better world, a fairer world, a happier world. What a wonderful dream!

This project had been in the mind of the founder María Angeles Carpio Pérez for a long time, but decided to make it a reality after her visit to Tanzania on a trip of solidarity for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for male cancer-fighting. That trip changed her life.

The Maasai population has a traditional way of life where the man is the leader of the community and the family and where the woman has no representation at the social level but it is responsible for the care of the family, the construction and maintenance of the House, collecting water from ponds and firewood for cooking and building traditional huts.

In the case of widows, on the death of her husband, her possibilities of generating income to feed and care for their families is practically non-existent and depends almost entirely on the charity of neighbors and relatives. Many of these women, depending on their age, on becoming widows can be found with an average of 7 children.

From the beginning, the Foundation has focused its efforts on the needs of women and children, precisely the most disadvantaged of the maasai population, developing projects aimed at sustainable income generation for women, health and education projects, as tools capable of eradicating the poverty and exclusion.

The name of the NGO is a gift for my parents for educating us as women with principles, instilling in us the principles of honesty, equality and justice that fill our life with passion, hope, faith, hard work, respect and love. The name also recognizes my sisters for their love and unconditional support.

For all that, THANK YOU

María Ángeles Carpio Pérez

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