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Eretore Medical Centre

Near the Maasai villages, it is going to help provide urgent treatment in cases of accidents at home like burns and cuts and regular medical checks for our students and their families.  It is going to save many lives.

The majority of the villages have paid clinics at an approximate distance of 20Km but they are not very useful to treat urgent cases due to lack of resources and of adequately trained staff. 

The way of life in these villages causes frequent accidents like burns, dehydration, pneumonia, hypertension and cuts.  Having to wait for days to get first aid or treatment causes complications, additional problems and in many cases even death.

Building a Medical Centre within the Eretore School site will provide urgent quality attention for fist aid and treatment for these type of accidents.  Also, it would allow regular medical checks for the students and their families including: nutrition,
vaccination, fungal treatment, medical checks, common illnesses, health training. 

It will also mean initially the creation of a job placement for a Nursing Assistant that would look after the patients and manage the centre.
  • Building a medical centre for urgent cases and regular medical checks.
  • Provision of the necessary medical equipment and materials. 
  • First Aid box and medical supplies. 
  • Employing a nurse to attend patients and manage the centre.
5.000 people from the Arkaria and Lendikinya villages.
Building the medical centre: 11.000 €
Provision of the necessary medical equipment and supplies: 3.000 €
First aid box: 600 €
Employing a nurse to operate and manage the centre: 2.400 € annual
Total 17.000 € in 2015
State: Open
Term: Year 2015