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Primary education classroom. Help us build it!

In this way the children from Eretore School will be able to continue their education.

We have achieved the first stage of kindergarten and pre-school education at the Eretore School but unfortunately this means the end of the education process for the majority of our students.  We need to build a primary education classroom so that they can continue their education.

In September 2015, we have started the construction of classrooms 1 and 2 that will house the first two classes, thanks to donations from friends and their families and volunteers.  A dream that has started to become reality.
Construction of 7 classrooms for primary education and later a library, office and teachers' house.
Directly: 290 children per year, 11 teachers, cook, security, future educational centre staff.
Indirectly: all the Maasai community of the Arkaria and Lendikinya villages where the students come from.
Building of one primary education classroom: 6.254 €
Furniture per classroom: 1.191 €

Total: 52.115 €  for the 7 classrooms.
State: Open
Term: Years 2015-2021