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Campaign: Don't throw away your sandals!

Campaign: Don't throw away your sandals!

05 Octubre 2015 -
Although it is difficult to believe, having shoes in Tanzania is sometimes a luxury.  That is why we have to thank the children of Colegio Europeo de Madrid and the CEIP Isabel La Católica de Madrid the huge response to the campaign DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR SANDALS that we started last September.

Once again, thanks to the solidarity of many families, we are able to give shoes to our students at the Eretore School, shoes that are adequate to come to the school specially in the rainy season.  We are very happy because more than 300 pairs of sandals of all sizes were collected and we are sure our students will be very happy to have them.

Thank you to those who have spread the word, thank you to those who have taken part, thank you to the schools and the AMPAS who have helped with the collection, thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are hoping that in the near future a volunteer visiting us cound be the link and help us bring them here.  As usual the most difficult thing is to get things to this part of the world, but we will achieve it.  We'll send pictures of the presentation as soon as they arrive

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  • Rosa el 06 Octubre 2015 dice
    It is impressive to see how people are waiting for the smaller occasion to help with their grain of sand.

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