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Achieved! Opening of Eretore School

Education for 96 pre-school age Maasai boys and girls, from poor families from the Arkaria and Lendikinya population.

In Tanzania there is no pre-school education.  Formal education starts with primary education to which the great majority does not attend because:
  • population is too dispersed and boys and girls have to travel from 7 up to even 20 kilometres to be able to attend, without transport and with the added danger that children could be attacked by wild animals.
  • lack of economic means to buy uniforms and school materials.
  • schools are concentrated in some areas.
  • access becomes impossible during the rainy season because of torrents of water and mud that cannot be crossed causing even fatal accidents at times.
  • This daily distances for children of school age requires great effort, with the added problem of the lack of food at home and at school.
  • children are needed at home to help with the care of the cattle and families cannot do without them. When there is the possibility to attend any government school, the first problem masai children have to face is the language. All the children speak only Maa (maasai language) and the official language is Suahili. Also, increasingly English is required for working.
Without previous education or external support, this situation would most certainly result in the educational failure of any maasai student in any public or private school.  Because of that, we offer free schooling to boys and girls from very vulnerable families.  It is our aim to expand our support to cover primary education too.

Eretore School in Arkaria village, is directed to support 96 boys and girls of school age (6-8 year old), sons and daughters of Maasai widows, with no economic resources and living in the Arkaria and Lendikinya villages.
  • To incorporate boys and girls to school, which will give them new opportunities for change, improvement and development, not only to the children, but also to their families and the community as a whole.
  • Implementation of formal education following the Tanzanian curriculum, with emphasis on working on non formal educational elements focused on developing the students individual and social abilities.
  • It is also intended to preserve the maasai culture and their language, the Maa.

The school provides food to all the children who attend the school and medical checks are carried out too.  Also, three local professionals will be hired.  Our main aim is to build more classrooms to continue with primary education.
Benefits to the population:
Directly: 96 children and 3 professionals for the school.
Indirectly: All the Maasai community from the Arkaria, Eluwai and Lendikinya villages.
Starting operation of the school

Total: 15.000 €
State: Closed
Term: Year 2015
  • From the beginning of the course all students have all basic materials to study.
  • A school Master and 2 teachers are employed.
  • At least 2 activities classed as non formal education are carried out every week.
  • The Tanzanian school curriculum is followed in content and teaching hours.
  • Swings and a football pitch have been installed for the childrens psychomotor development and leisure.
  • All the children eat at the school.
  • A dining room and kitchen have been built.
  • A chicken coop has been built to provide eggs for the school children.
  • Health checks are carried out monthly to all the children from the school.
  • Vaccination of all students against typhoid and tetanus.
  • Anti-fungal and anti parasitic treatments are carried out.

Thank you to all that have contributed to achieve the success of this project!