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Maasai bead work, from a tradition building a future

Making jewellery using beads is part of the Maasai tradition. This craft has become an income generating source, the White Maasai project. Men and women adorn themselves with rings, bangles, necklaces, etc, specially at celebratory ceremonies of the community.

Maasai women are expert on this craft making many things with beads, because of that, it has been decided to use these abilities for an income generating activity starting a small business under the brand name The White Maasai, to give Maasai women enough income to improve their lives.

To operate, a committee of women has been formed to represent all the widows from each of the villages involved.

The products are completely authentic and hand made by the women who take part in the project and who receive 75% of the sale price.  The other 25% is used to buy materials.  All the products are labelled with the name of the craft group who made them. 

This project helps strengthen the widows economically and socially providing better access to education, health services, business development and promoting gender equality, human rights and culture.

The women get to have a sustainable income and they are trained regularly to improve their abilities in other fields like accounting, business knowhow, hygiene and sanitary practices.
Opening of a shop in a tourists craft market in Arusha which would provide a more regular income.

Organising on-line sale of these products under the brand name The White Maasai.
Directly: 40 women working, 27 in Arkaria, 12 in Lendikinya and 11 in Eluwai.
Indirectly: 355 women and their children.
Investment: 530€    Counterpart: Eretore Association.
Investment in beads and materials, website La Masai Blanca, catalogue and marketing.

Total: 500 €
State: Open
Term: Year 2015