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Social sensibilisation

We have the obligation to be the voice of those that because of hunger, thirst, subordination or incapacity, have no voice.

Sensibilisation programs are fundamental to make people aware of the situation that girls and boys, women and all the Maasaicommunity in Tanzania suffer because of the high poverty levels and fundamentally the lack of educational and sanitary structures.

Also, we would like to make the Maasai culture known to remove stereotypes about them and get recognised the grandeur of this tribe. We intend to show how they are suffering the consequences,not only of climate change, but also from the globalisation system that is developing in Tanzania, trying to accompany them through change processes offering support and tools to face this new situation.

We do it by listening and helping the community creating income generating programs, health and education programs for the Maasai widows and their children.

We need to educate our children to appreciate solidarity and justice, to look at the problems of the future and to consider that the existence of disadvantaged groups on our planet, are also our problem.

Help us make known the labor that Foundation Carpio-Perez carry out: through the media, access to institutions, talks in schools, solidarity challenges, social networks.....

Spread the word!