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Achieved! Slide and swings

Achieved! Slide and swings

Achieved! Slide, swings and football pitch

Essential to develop psychomotor and social abilities.

Sport and open air activities are part of the Tanzanian educational curriculum.  The development of social and psychomotor abilities is needed for the physical development of our students specially the pre-school ones.
Instalation of a slide and 2 swings at the Eretore School.
Preparation of the ground to play football.
Directly: 96 boys and girls from the Eretore School.
Staff: 6 adults, teachers, security and cook.
Indirectly: all the maasai community.
Cost, transport and installation.

Total: 900 €
State: Closed
Term: Year 2014
The children are excited with the playing activities provided by the swings, slide and football pitch.  More encouragement to attend school and an essential educational resource at this age.

Thank you very much to all the people who contributed to complete this project!