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Vaccination campaign

Vaccination campaign

05 Marzo 2015 -
This week we had the vaccination campaign.  All our students (you know... around 100 children between 5 and 8 years old) and the staff that look after them every day, have been through the teachers room to receive the first dose of tetanus vaccine and antiparasitic tablets.

Ndini, is a Maasai young woman who is in her second year studying to be a nursing assistant thanks to the sponsorship of our Foundation.  She has been in charge of making sure that nobody left without an injection.  You should know that we have a group of champions that did not let out a single tear.

We can explain to you how important and necessary is the prevention of this type of diseases in places where water is scarce, where the children run around all day bare foot, or where the hygiene conditions of the school are never reached, but that we will leave for another time.  Now it is the time to celebrate this little achievement, things  that we sometimes take for granted in more advanced societies.

This campaign has been made possible THANKS to the donations that we receive monthly, THANK YOU for your contribution.  You are responsible for making possible that these people can receive a little portion of health.

Even Ndaya who run out as soon as she saw the needles, THANKS YOU.

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