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Schools campaign: Lets Fill the Hen House

Schools campaign: Lets Fill the Hen House

22 Mayo 2015 -
The Colegio Europeo de Madrid and the Escuela Infantil Bebin are carrying out this campaign to benefit the Carpio Pérez Foundation.

A hen house in the school hall?  Yes, a solidarity hen house!  A virtual hen house that will become a reality thousands of miles from Madrid, in Arkaria, Tanzania. At the Eretore School run by Carpio Pérez Foundation.

It all started with the idea of helping María.  Or rather, the children of our school and pre-school (children that have all ther needs more than covered), could help the Maasai children from Eretore School who need so many things and whose lives we can improve a little bit if with a little effort.  But not only that , it is also our intention to teach solidarity to our children.  Because everything has to be learnt, specially if we start them from very young.  For that, it was important that they could visualise their contribution, be aware how lucky they are and teach them that solidarity is a very important value, and it makes you feel very good!  To make them aware that helping others is very heart warming and rewarding.

During a month, the children from the school have been able to buy elements for Eretore School: Trees to provide shade to the school children and cockerels, chicks and hens to provide eggs to diversify their food.  Every child who bought a tree or a chicken had it pinned to the chicken coop on the board after labeling it with their name.  Helping is contagious and soon the chicken coop was full and we had to expand ti so that we were not accused of animal cruelty!

To close the campaign, María came to the school.  It was a big event to see the white maasai in their classrooms.  It was very emotional to see their little faces light up listening to María tell what the life of the children in Arkaria was like.  And even more impresive were their questions and their comments.  They were very happy to see the actual hen house where their chicken were going to live, and know that the children will be able to eat something different to the beans and maize that is the only diet that the school diner can offer them.  They even worked out how many chicks could María buy with the money collected.  They were also very happy to see that the Eretore children were going to wear the same uniforms as them, donated by the parents in a previous campaign.  They were very surprised that when they received the sweatshirts they had to be taught to tie them to their waists because they were not used to that.  To hear that the grandfathers of these children hunted lions left them with the mouth open!  Or to see that to get to the school some children have to walk seven kilometres alone.  That in their village there are no cars, that they collect rain water, that donkeys are a luxury because they help them carry firewood, that only if their mother has a goat they can have breakfast every day, that going to school is a gift and they don't miss classes even if they are ill.....  María replied to all the questions she could, like Do they have black crocodiles in Tanzania? Why are the children so short? What do the children do after school? Why do they all have shaved heads?  and reminded them in several occasions that they should be very grateful of the life they have the chance to have.

María thank them a lot for their contribution (I bought a chick! they told her) and promised them that as soon as she returned to Tanzania she would fill the hen house and will send them pictures of their chicks, cockerels and trees so they can be very proud of what they have achieved together.

It has been a very rewarding experience and we hope thet this will be the first of many other initiatives that we could organise with the help of all the people that like the Colegio Europeo de Madrid (parents, students and teachers) community, leave a space in their lives for solidarity.

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  • María Redondo el 28 Mayo 2015 dice
    Absolutely fantastic. For such a simple campaign, for achieving to get the children involved in such a beautiful project. It is fantastic that this school has these values and for the volunteers that made this possible.
  • Rosa el 23 Mayo 2015 dice
    What a beautiful idea! A fantastic lesson in life for our children.
  • Sara Galera el 23 Mayo 2015 dice
    If you want to copy this idea and do the same in your school, just tell us.  We will give you all the materials.

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