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Ngitoria got burned when he was little and nobody took him to hospital. 2 years of operations and now he is back at school!

After 2 years of operations, Ngitoria finally could get from the Eluwai village to the Eretore School to join the lessons.

Ngitoria was Mibaku's student in a neglected building that he used as a nursery and to teach the children from that area to read and write.  Actually, it was there that Maria met him a fateful day when she was about to give up and she was asked to take them medicines, clothes and food.
Ngitoria had been Mibaku's best student but because of a deformity on his foot due to a burn in his Boma's fire (something that happens far too often, unfortunately) he could not walk anymore and had to stop going to nursery.
Since then the Foundation has not stopped helping him to get an operation and finally it has been achieved!!
18 months of operations in the city of Arusha until he has been able to go back home.
Ngitoria, his family and all the Maasai Community.
Operation, transport, maintenance and medicines.

Total: 2.000 €  
State: Closed
Term: Year 2015
On the 4th August 2014, Ngitoria started at Eretore School, and despite being older than the others, we are happy that he can now continue with his education, play football that he likes so much, run, walk... Have a normal life!!  

Thank you to all those who contributed to give Ngitoria a future!