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Lessons continue at Eretore School

Lessons continue at Eretore School

05 Marzo 2015 -
This year we have the accumulated knowledge of three elders from the tribe: Kotoloimbia, Keneto and Mbario who are in charge of transmiting to the children the values and traditions of their people.

For an hour every day during the Maasai Culture lesson, these women tell incredible stories, stories that the mayority don't know, stories that leave the young and older with eyes and mouth open with surprise....  They were all marvelled during the lesson about the lion hunt and how attentive they were young and older alike.

A sample of some of the lessons given:

Todays'class was about how to build the huts, how to put dung to protect them and what to do when it rains.  As an activity the children had to BUILD A HUT, in that way we have worked the psicomotricity, with this fantastic handy work activity.

Do not miss the photos of the fantastic work they did.

Transmission of the Maasai people culture, traditions and values are an important for the integral formation of the children and this is an objective that Eretore School pursues.

We cannot forget that the work of these elders who are not only passing on their knowledge and wisdom to the young but also are doing a proper job that makes them be proud, useful, valued and loved within their community.  Also, it allowes them to have an income to help them take food to their homes.

THANK YOU to all that with your support for the Carpio Pérez Foundation make possible that Eretore School can continue to form all these children.  All of you are putting a grain of sand into the education of all of them.

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