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Irene and Borja visit

Irene and Borja visit

31 Marzo 2015 -
Irene and Borja chose this year Tanzania for their holidays and they got in touch with Deep Planet Expeditions (a travel agency organising bespoke trips) to organise it.

Daniel Losada, one of the most active collaborators of our Foundation is who manages this company (together with Juan Trueba).  He is also the alma mater of the Trip-drop website (so if you travel and don't know it, find out quickly).  He suggested to them to greatly improve their trip, already spectacular, with a visit to the villages of Arkaria, Lendikinya and Eluwai to present some goats to the Maasai widows.

Irene and Borja didn't think it twice and started to collect money between family and friends to be able to take a good present to their hosts in Tanzania.

Two days ago we had the opportunity to give them the welcome they deserved.  They have visited the Eretore School, have seen first hand the work we have done, latrines, new silo, vaccination of all the children.... and also they have presented the widows with 30 goats!!!!

Many, many thanks for your visit, your contribution and for having given us a little bit of your time.  We would love to see you again.

Many thanks to Daniel Losada for always remembering us. (We have copied the photos from Dani's Facebook page). 


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  • Clara el 12 Mayo 2015 dice
    Dani always extending his network. Thank you Borja and Irene for having made possible another challenge that will change the lives of many families.

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