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A different kind of summer

A different kind of summer

02 Septiembre 2015 -

We arrived in Arusha at the beginning of July loaded with educational material for the Eretore School and full of hope about being able to contribute with our little grain of sand  to an enterprice that had facinated us for a long time.

Through four weeks we gave our soul carrying out a lot of different tasks needed for Shule Eretore to function properly:

· Painted the school walls with educational pictures about important hygiene practices.

· Got the psichomotor classroom started and carried out training sessions with the teachers.

· Taught the school children to clean their teeth after eating, (tooth brushes and tooth paste donation thanks to: Pipi and Marta Leal Ruiz and Clínica Dental Centro Médico Majadahonda, here is their facebook).

· Finished building the school latrines and of the Boma.

· Extended the hen house to accommodate  the many hens donated through the campaign "Lets fill the hen house" at several schools in Spain.

· Took part in the presentation of 10 goats to the Maasai widows of Arkaria and hens for the new hen house.


· Meassured the land for the building of the new primary classrooms and worked out the building materials needed.

Also, we got to know first hand the everyday life of a Maasai family at Maria and Mibaku's Boma, and attended a meeting with the Eluwai widows, a Maasai ceremony ....

We had the invaluable help of Doctor Carpio and his wife Rosa who helped enormously with tuberculin tests, attending to many patients and did an educational talk about tuberculosis: contagion, treatment, risks if not treated ...

We lived magical moments, images that will remain engraved on our retinas and our hearts; we have fallen in love even more (if possible) with Carpio Pérez Foundation of Maria and Mibaku... And we will continue to support them from here with the hope of going back to help and learn so much from them.

THANK YOU for giving us this opportunity.

Noe, Pedro, Silvia, Almu and María.

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  • Covita el 03 Septiembre 2015 dice
    Congratulations for achieving what others just want to achieve, keep going
  • María González Veloso el 02 Septiembre 2015 dice
    I'm not surprised you were enchanted!!! what a great job you did, lets see if between all of us we can make the projected classrooms  a reality!!!
  • María Redondo el 04 Septiembre 2015 dice
    Fantastic labour of the volunteers, you are marvellous.  What a lot you have done in these few weeks!!  I'm sure that your experience will make others fall in love with this Foundation too and you can help a lot from here too!
  • Rosa Miguel el 02 Septiembre 2015 dice
    I'm envious!!!!!!! and congratulations for a job well done.

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